12 Ways to Light Up Your Wedding

Discover how lighted decor and LED wedding lights can transform your big day with their versatile yet timeless look. 

LED wedding lights are becoming more and more popular as wedding decor because of their cost-effectiveness and stunning appeal. String lights are the perfect way to create a romantic, magical ambiance for your big day. With gorgeous event lighting, your wedding will look as spectacular and sophisticated as professionally-planned ceremonies and receptions, without the bank-breaking budget and stressful installation!

If you’re considered wedding lighting for your special day but want to make the most out of your lighted features, we’re here to help. Walk into a breathtaking event by utilizing LED wedding lights in some of our favorite ways.

1.  Wish Upon a Star

Add snowfall lights to your must-have decorating list to create a spectacular night sky full of stars. This cascading LED light mimics a falling icicle with varying light speeds that looks enchanting when hung from tree branches, like shooting stars raining down on you and your spouse to make your wedding day wishes come true. 

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2. Make Your Tents Memorable

Tents are the perfect solution for outdoor wedding venues, so make yours memorable with elegant lighting that sets the scene. Nothing sets the mood better than pure white LED string lights and light spheres secured to the roof of your outdoor tent. Mimic canopy drapes with string lights and accent with lighted spheres hung at varying lengths. The jaw-dropping decor also ensures the space is well-lit for dinner and dancing without being overwhelming. 

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3. Snow-Fallen Trees

A brightly lit tree makes for the perfect ceremony backdrop to say, “This is FOREVER.” Mimic a magical and delicate snowfall with “Mini Ice” M5 LED string lights as they cascade down from tree branches in different lengths. This stand-out lighting display makes the perfect centerpiece for stunning photo-ops during cocktail hour and breathtaking backdrops for vow ceremonies. 

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4. Backyard Bliss

Heaven is right in your own backyard. Spice up your existing patio lights with paper globes to make any backyard a one-of-a-kind wedding destination. You’ll have a starry night on your most special night with the fun and unique appearance of G12 “Raspberry” LED lights hanging overhead at your outdoor wedding. This small, rounded bulb design is a great swap for incandescent round patio lights.

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5. Picture-Perfect Ceremony Arches

Say “I Do” in front of an elegant, grand wedding arch. Adorn it with hanging 5MM LED glisten lights, crystals, and candle votives for an enchanting yet romantic backdrop for your big day. An incredible decor piece like an archway doubles as a scenic background for photos. 

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6. Color Up the Night

Line the inside of your wedding tent with LED lights to match your wedding theme. Teal, Pink, Purple— Any color LED string lights will do. This pop of color is refreshing and fun, especially when guests start hitting the dance floor!

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7.  Go BIG or Go Home with Reception Decor

If over-the-top is your wedding aesthetic, there are so many options for utilizing LED wedding lights to best suit your style. Make an unforgettable statement by contrasting small LED lights with BIG LED spheres. Hang both lights overhead for a result that is picture-perfect and larger-than-life.

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8. Create Your Very Own Tunnel of Love

Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding ceremony or an indoor dinner reception, create an entrance that no guest will ever forget. Lighted tunnels are undoubtably romantic, sure to make a statement that guests will talk about for years to come. A light source like M5 LED lights is best for illuminating the way with its steady stream of light.

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9. Rustic Tree Decor

Simple tree branches wrapped in warm white LED string lights with brown wire have never looked so elegant. Make the most of your rustic tree branches by using the lighted décor in every aspect of your event. Vow ceremonies welcome elegant lighted branches just as effortlessly as the lighted trees fit into cocktail hour and dinner reception decor. This kind of décor cohesion flows naturally in a beautiful way. Plus, the brown wired lights blend seamlessly into the branches.

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10. Light the Way to Love

Let lights guide you down the aisle in a breathtaking way. Minimalistic lighted aisles, achieved with string lights and candles, not only guides you to your Spouse-To-Be, but also leads guests from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the wedding reception. This romantic yet simple décor fits any event aesthetic. 

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11. Star-Studded Dinner

Dine under your own canopy of stars with the elegant look of LED string lights hanging overhead. Outdoor weddings need a well-lit atmosphere without an overpowering light source, making twinkling white string lights a breathtaking solution for a star-studded aesthetic. (photo courtesy of declan_devlin).

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12. Show Her How You Feel, the Bold Way

Say it BIG and BRIGHT. Show her how you really feel with lighted marquee letters to express your forever-kind-of-love. Accent the occasion with LED string lights or lighted spheres for an extra-special touch on a night that you’ll both never forget. 

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A special day deserves decor that you’ll never forget. Choose LED wedding lights for your event lighting and let your style shine. Your wedding ceremony and reception are awaiting the stunning ambiance of string lights and other lighting options, so have fun, get creative, and shine on.

Contact us today at LED Holiday Lighting for product recommendations or to answer any event lighting questions. We’re happy to be a part of your big day.

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