Liven Up Outdoor Spaces with these 5 Ideas

It’s time to melt away those winter blues by starting to set your sights on Spring and Summer! As fun as sledding and building snowmen can be, we think it’s time to prep those outdoor spaces for garden parties and BBQ’s instead. If you’re ready to ditch the fireplace and get in some warm weather, outdoor fun, we here at LED Holiday Lighting want to help you out. Let’s make sure that your deck or patio are equipped with the perfect lighting solutions so that your fun doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. More than just functional, we’ve put together some lighting ideas that will turn your outdoor areas into everyone’s favorite sunny season hot spot!

Beautiful Bistros

Bistro lights are some of the most versatile and easily recognizable LED lights on the market which make them a perfect option for both those who are new and experienced with outdoor lighting. Exposing bistro lights, also known as the S14 LED bulb, is a great way to not only add some light and warmth to the area you are trying to illuminate but also to add some much desired ambiance, giving a rustic feeling even outdoors while you host company. Attaching your LED patio strings to positions above your target area that you are trying to highlight, allowing your bulbs to hang above, is the most effective way to utilize these lights. Another popular idea is to affix the bulbs themselves to exposed brick or wood to maximize not just the light that they give off, but the aesthetic that a bare bulb is able to bring as well.

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Tranquil Trunk Wraps

If you have trees throughout your garden or lawn space, you’ve likely been looking into ways to incorporate them into your lighting design. LED lighting can offer another simple solution via trunk wrap lights. While you could use simple LED light strings and wrap them around the trunks of your trees, it’s more hassle than it’s worth to get your lights evenly spaced with sufficient coverage. Not only will these wraps make installation a breeze and help make every tree in your yard a focal point, they’re also quite useful on bushes and shrubs. Laying a set of these lights over some greenery will allow the light to shine through, giving a magical, dazzling feeling to any sort of foliage around your home.


Cozy Curtain Lights

Looking to blanket a larger area, perhaps a wall or covered patio, with lights? Look no further than these brilliant curtain lights. LED Curtain Lights were designed with the creative decorator in mind. The flexible, one-piece rain curtain is stacked with LED lights, measuring 10’ wide and 10’ long. An 8-channel chase effect can be set to five different speeds, mimicking rainfall or a waterfall. These are incredibly versatile as you can hang them just about anywhere, from a window or balcony, to a stage or entryway. Using this method allows you to cover a large area with a warm, twinkling light. Whether you want to immerse your guests in your oasis or simply want to get away yourself on a quiet evening, these curtain lights will transform your space and transport you from your troubles!


Timeless Twinkle Lights

If you are looking for something with a touch more whimsy than just a simple LED light string, then twinkle lights may be right up your alley. As opposed to a traditional flashing bulb, the bulbs on LED Twinkle Lights alternate as they flash. These sets of lights will allow you to add some glitz and glimmer to your summer lighting without adding to your energy budget. It’s also a gentle, subtle lighting effect, so no need to worry about an annoying strobe or flashing effect. You can use these lights almost anywhere to add an enchanting effect to your home or garden. Stringing them along tree branches, fence posts, or arches throughout your space can transform any area from an ordinary nook to a fairy-tale landscape that will dazzle you and your guests all season.


Spectacular Sphere Lighting

Unlike other strings of LED lights that serve as complimentary additions to their surroundings, LED Sphere Lights can be used as unique focal points to add intrigue to your design. By hanging the light balls at varying heights from a ceiling, canopy, or gazebo you can create a gorgeous scene that will not only attract the eye of any guest but will also provide great illumination throughout the area they are hanging above.  For a whimsical display, scatter these starburst lights all through​ a big tree or line a sidewalk or winding driveway to create a magical pathway leading up to your home or outdoor living space. These unique lights can also be used to define space. Place them at the boundaries of your outdoor area to carve out the available space for your guests while also adding a wonderful glow to the edges of your property.


With warm weather right around the corner, we hope these ideas, tips, and tricks spark some exciting makeovers for all your outdoor spaces. Get creative and dream up the space you’ve always wished to spend your summer nights. By using any of these LED lighting solutions, your home, garden, or outdoor entertainment space will not only dazzle guests but also leave you with a magical getaway right in your backyard. One we’re sure you’ll get to enjoy for the rest of the season and for many summers to come. For more lighting solutions, tips, tricks, and LED lighting products, please be sure to visit us all year round on our website.

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