Ho-Ho-Holy Savings

The holiday season is nearly here – I can almost hear the Christmas tunes now. If you’re like one of the many Christmas fanatics who are already planning your decorations, or if you are a beginner on the hunt for tips and tricks, look no further! Planning your decorations can be made easy with LED Holiday Lighting.

Some of the advantages of using LED Christmas lights include …

Energy Efficient, Cost Effective

LED lights are more expensive to purchase than incandescents, but over time, LEDs will actually be less expensive to use than incandescents, and they’ll offer many fringe benefits as well. LED’s generate light in a different manner than incandescents. LED’s use diodes to emit light, while incandescents create light by setting a filament aglow with electricity – bet you didn’t know that. Even if you did, there’s a huge difference in the energy required between the two methods of lighting.

When you convert from incandescent to LED lights, you can expect to use up to 90% less energy all while getting a wider breadth of design and assembly options when it comes to your Christmas displays. Since LED’s use so much less energy than incandescents, you’ll be able to string more sets together using fewer electrical outlets and extension cords — time to get creative!

No More Hot Hands

At some point in your life, I’m sure you’ve learned that touching an incandescent light is a good way to get a nasty burn. However, that’s not a concern with LED bulbs. Because of their great energy efficiency, LEDs produce light without generating lots of heat. You can hold a lit LED bulb in your hand all day without experiencing a bit of discomfort (although I’m sure you have a lot better things to do 😊).

Season-long Lighting

LEDs don’t last forever, of course, but it might seem that way when compared to the lifespan of incandescent bulbs. LED bulb life can vary based upon a number of factors (including manufacturer quality). LED bulbs are commonly rated at lifetime estimates of 25,000 to 75,000 hours, and you can reasonably expect to get at least 6 to 8 seasons of trouble-free service from a well-cared-for string of LED Christmas lights.

Bright Colors, Bright Lights

Incandescent Christmas lights come in a variety of colors, just like LED’s, right? Wrong.

Incandescent bulbs create light in only one color: the natural white glow of the electric burn on the filament. The only way to produce different colors is by placing a colored bulb over the filament. That process works, of course, but the resulting colors are anything but pure. With LED lights, the color that is emitted is a wavelength that produces only the true color you are looking for. A red LED bulb, for example, emits true red light – not white light filtered through a red lens. The result is brighter, more pure color than is possible with incandescent bulbs. Compare incandescents and LEDs side-by-side and you’ll see that the difference in brightness and color purity are quite striking.

Pure colors, energy efficiency, and longer lasting lights — with LED strings not only will your Christmas decorations look better than they ever have, but your installation will be easy too! For more tips and tricks as well as our full range of LED products, visit LEDHolidayLighting.com.

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