LED Light Ideas for a Barn Wedding

Every new wedding season brings with it new trends and ideas to make that special day even more memorable, allowing you to explore more options and make your ceremony and reception unique to you. Currently, barn weddings are the latest venue trend, known for blending both a rustic and casual setting while also creating an amazing experience for the bride, groom, and all of the guests in attendance. However, the hardest part for most barn locations can be picking the best wedding lights for your big day. Gone are the plain plastic disco lights or “saying yes” to whatever lighting system the DJ will provide. This moment means too much to just settle for cheap lighting. That’s why we have compiled a list of the latest and greatest in outdoor wedding lights and provided ideas to take your wedding charm from mundane to magical in no time.

First and foremost, before saying “I do” to your lighting, check with your wedding planner and location to ensure there are no ordinances or regulations that will prevent you from hanging LED lights for your barn wedding or reception. It’s always a good idea to consult with a wedding planner who has experience with barn weddings specifically before actually confirming the venue.

1. A Starry Setting with Twinkle Lights

Nothing says romance more than a starlit night sky, however, when planning a barn wedding, the roof can often get in the way of dancing the night away under the star-studded sky. Twinkle lights are the perfect solution to bring the the magic inside! Think of these shimmering lights as the Fairy Godmother of LED string lights. Here to answer your every wish by bringing the illusion of a starry atmosphere close enough to touch to your wedding. The bride and groom will fall in love all over again as they cascade across the floor to their first dance under the soft gentle glow.

For added effect, you can hang twinkle icicle lights along the walls, frame of your venue or even around those gaudy obstructive posts. Or if you aren’t a fan of traditional white twinkle lights, you can add in a pop of color throughout your décor.


2. Fantasy Forest with Outdoor Wedding Lights


If your barn destination comes complete with landscaping, we understand that the task can seem overwhelming. All you see are trees and bushes and don’t know where to start. Well, those trees and foliage can transform into an enchanting forest to help complete your perfect vision with outdoor wedding lights. Tree wrap lights, also known as trunk wraps, can turn odd branches into an elegant display. Trunk lights are quick and easy to use because, well, the process of learning how to wrap lights around a tree is very simple.

Another addition for your glowing forest scenery are net lights for bushes. With net lights, average shrubs transform into stunning mystical floras.

3. Rustic Charm with Bistro Lights

String lights can add just the perfect amount of drama, ambience and attention to wedding décor. The newest popular lighting trend for weddings happens to be marrying the raw, industrial look with a touch of feminine chic. Bistro lights (also known as Edison bulbs or S14 led bulbs) paired inside a barn venue, give a relaxing at-home feel with a little hint of charm, providing a classic and timeless look for wedding décor. These lights are very diverse in how they be used in your wedding lighting. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, they can be hung over the reception area, above a dance floor, patio, or even an entrance area.

Though Edison lights are most commonly looked at as patio light strings, their ability to steal the show as centerpieces, such as on a wooden plank or inside lanterns, have been known to leave wedding guests speechless. How would you try to incorporate these rustic LED barn lights?


4. Simple Centerpieces with Fairy Lights


The age old saying “It’s all in the details” rings true. Sometimes all it takes is strategically hanging twinkle lights throughout your barn venue. Get creative with your bulb types and styles.

String lights don’t need to be the dominating décor to give your wedding that perfect magical look you have been dreaming of. Fairy lights are a very simple yet elegant way to incorporate a magical-flare into your table decorations. These battery operated lights take the stress out of your planning. With the simple switch of a button, LED fairy lights can be strung into floral arrangements on tables, placed into jars and hung above guests, or wrapped around candles (though we would recommend battery operated for those as well). 

Hopefully with these simple ideas you’ll be ready to plan your picture-perfect rustic wedding with just the right amount of amenities and magnificent lighting.

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