Lighting Up Your Dorm Room

You’ve just arrived and are figuring out how to decorate an 8 x 5 foot space with cinderblock walls so it doesn’t look dull. There are many dorm room decorating ideas to be found in stores, and on the internet. Here are a few of our favorites that won’t break the bank and won’t break school rules. Each has great potential to elevate your dorm décor with creativity and fun, and you can even get Mom or Dad to ship them out for you!

  1. One Extra Large Metal Cookie Sheet: Spray paint it, decorate it; hang it on a wall and use it as a magnetic board. You should bring magnets if you want it to be fully functional.
  2. A Couple of Clay Pots: You can put a plant in one (a touch of green in your room), use them to hold pencils, toothbrushes, and hair supplies. But terra cotta pots are also perfect for cooking marshmallows!
  3. A Half Dozen Rolls of Washi Tape: Washi Tape is a decorative Japanese tape that’s easily removable and leaves no residue. Decorate your door, make picture frames, line bookshelves, color your blinds, or color tape your roommate.
  4. A Multitude of Multicolored Sticky Notes: For creating Post-It wall art.
  5. A Plethora of LED holiday lights: There’s nothing more fun (or safer, because they stay cool to the touch) for dorm room decorating than LED holiday lights. Most fun of all are RGB Remote Control Color changing LED lights. Our Remote Control Color Changing products allow you to control color and motion, all in one string of lights with the touch of a remote.

Decorating with LEDs can seem like a daunting task. There are so many different types, colors and designs to choose from and it can become overwhelming quickly. But, never fear, if you are looking for some dorm room inspiration, we have a few suggestions to help you out:

Using LED globe lights can provide you with some very cute dorm ideas ranging from creating a canopy of beautiful patio lighting to a colorful accent to your living room dance floor. The G-Series of LED bulbs (that’s G30, G40, and G50 bulbs) are very round and bright which makes them a very versatile style to use throughout your dorm room décor. These round LED light bulbs can make for some of the greatest dorm room decorating ideas, especially for those on a budget!

Dorm Room Lighting Ideas

With Christmas light balls you can fill your room with a soft glow through the use of different shades of paper lanterns, or you can use them as a centerpiece in your dorm to attract all your floor mates to your room like moths to a light. There are tons of different methods to use these spheres to light up your humble abode: Christmas light spheres, starlight spheres, and some even folding spheres make this almost a must have for anyone looking for a bold pop of light to brighten their living space.

If you are more of a techie and enjoy some variety, flexibility, and modernization in your dorm room decorating ideas, then battery operated LED lights may be the perfect solution for you. These are some of the smallest bulbs that are offered, coupled with the fact that they come with a battery pack attached make them easily the most flexible and affordable LED lights on the market for college students. These fairy lights can be used to create magnificent designs, as long as you can hide the battery pack! If you are asking yourself “how can I decorate my dorm room walls?”, then battery LED lights may be the answer.

For more of a departure from your average dorm room decoration, to really give your friends who visit something to talk about, LED cherry blossom trees can really add a different, beautiful element to your student housing. These are a very special type of lighting that could be used indoors or outside of your suite, town home, or apartment. These stunning cherry blossom lights work incredibly well as a simple flower arrangement on your desk, dresser or as the centerpiece of your room on a window as if it is growing throughout your college years with you. No matter your choice you will create a soft feminine glow to any gathering, mixer, or dinner party in your dorm.

With these product suggestions and design tips, you will be decorating your dorm room like your actually an interior design major with the budget of a college student. So, the next time you find yourself wondering how to decorate a dorm room, think LED lighting solutions! For more lighting options to decorate with visit our site and shop our full selection of LED Christmas lights.

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