4 Reasons to Consider SMD LED Light Bulbs

SMDs are a little bulb that pack a big punch. Plug them in, light them up, and you’ll know immediately: SMD bulbs are different.

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SMDs are the latest advancement in holiday lighting technology, with surface-mounted bulbs, resulting in a much brighter bulb, that consumes less power and is versatile and dimmable! Before you go and make your lighting purchase, we’re here to offer the latest in SMD bulbs on our site, and help you understand a little bit more about this new option for all your lighting needs with just a few quick tips!

What is SMD?

SMD stands for surface mounted diode, which obviously implies that the piece of the bulb that produces light (the diode) is mounted on the surface. This helps to produce an even brighter light than most traditional LEDs with some added bonuses as well!

Energy Efficient

Not only does this style of bulb produce more light, but since no extra lumens are being produced (the bulb is simply closer to the surface) there is no added wattage that will be added to your electric bill! The average SMD bulb will only produce an average of .58 watts per bulb, giving you way more bang for your buck and can save you a ton when it comes to your design budget.

Long Lifespan 

The difference in wattage produced allows SMDs to have a longer lifespan than almost any other bulb on the market so you really can just wire them up and let them shine for years to come!

Dim it to Win it

Lastly, if your bulbs ever feel too bright, or even too dim, most SMD bulbs that you can find currently on the market come with the option of being dimmable.

This not only gives you complete control over your lighting setup at the touch of your fingers, but also helps to prevent lumen depreciation and encourages better heat dissipation- both of which will keep your bulbs looking fresh for longer while simultaneously minimizing the amount of wasted light from your lighting setup.

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So, if you had never heard of an SMD bulb (or if you never really knew the difference between SMDs and traditional LEDs), hopefully now you can be a little more informed when you are planning your picture perfect lighting scene. Whether you choose an LED bulb, or one of these different SMD bulbs, be sure to check out our website for our full selection of both along with all of our assorted lighting products!  

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