Nursery Lighting Ideas

The nursery for your newborn is almost complete. You’ve gotten the perfect colors painted on the walls, found the right crib, and are putting the final touches on your dream nursery. What else could you do to make it even better? Luckily for you, we have some simple DIY LED lighting ideas to put the finishing touches on the perfect nursery!

LED string lights are a great way to brighten up your nursery space without adding any extra zeroes to your energy bill. LEDs are incredibly energy efficient and won’t emit heat the same way traditional bulbs do. When working in a space like a nursery, it’s a good idea to focus on using soft colors like light blues, greens, yellows, and even reds.

Cascading Crib Lights

Using strings of lights to outline the top or legs of your crib will not only bring some warmth and glow to your nursery space, but it will also help you to see and navigate throughout the room. Perform late-night check ins without having to turn on a harsher light and risk waking your sleeping little one. To create this effect you can use both
5mm warm white strings on white wire around the top of your crib to create a canopy effect, or G40 SMD retrofit bulbs to outline the crib with a brighter light for more illumination and warmth late at night.

Crib lights

Magnificent Mobiles

If you are looking for ways to get your little rascal to relax and finally fall asleep, then a DIY mobile might be the perfect solution. Using warm white 5mm white wire twinkle lights and a few command hooks on the wall or ceiling (depending on where your crib is located within the room), you can create a calming, magical scene for your newborn to drift off to sleep to. This setup will not only help to relax your rambunctious rascal, as the twinkling lights will create a mesmerizing effect, but it will also help to create a warm, inviting space for years to come in your child’s nursery.

Creative Wall Art

If you are the creative type, or trying to kindle a creative flame in your little one, planning and implementing your own LED wall artwork can be a perfect solution! Using a pencil, you can trace out and design where your strings will go and what types of patterns or images that you want to create on your walls, so that when you are ready to create your masterpiece you know exactly what you need. Using strings to create the outline of your design and then different bulbs to fill in the scene you are trying to create is an effective way to accomplish your dream design.

            -Nature Scape: using larger bulbs, such as the g40 retrofit bulbs, to outline shapes or images such as trees, clouds, or other natural objects can help you transform your nursery space into a dazzling, natural scene for your kiddo to enjoy and play in for years to come.

art work tree

            -Light Wall: with multi-colored lights or smaller, warmer bulbs like the g12 raspberry warm white lights, you can create a glistening wall in your child’s nursery that will help you not only settle down your little one and spark their imagination, but also navigate throughout the space during those midnight (or crack of dawn) checkups.

            -Constellations and Cool Patterns: if you are particularly creative and driven to create an awesome LED lighting landscape for your nursery, micro dot or fairy lights might be your best bet. Their size and flexibility make them the perfect option for creating intricate designs on walls or even ceilings. Warm white colors can be used for constellations and figures, while the multitude of other colors can help to achieve beautiful images like balloons, flower beds, and animals!

            -Twinkling Little Stars: a perfect idea for a darker room (or for little ones that struggle to fall asleep quickly) is to use glisten string lights to replicate a shooting star effect by attaching strings in a star shaped pattern on the wall. Glisten lights will appear to twinkle as each individual bulb will dim at different times to give off a wonderful, lulling feeling.

ceiling stars

Mimicking the Night Sky

You can use bistro lights to make a slight representation of stars in the night sky, but if you are looking for more of a challenge, or a softer, more accurate star-scape, there are a few options you might want to look into. To create a vast, sprawling night sky feeling, net lights or trunk wrap lights can offer a solution without having to worry about connecting several different strings of lights. These types of lights are woven together into almost a net of LED bulbs so affixing them to your ceiling should be simple and help your newborn drift off peacefully to sleep.

Awesome Accents

For a quick and easy LED DIY project that will help spruce up a nursery space, be sure to pick out some areas within the room that you feel would benefit from some warm accent lighting. Areas like corners, shelves, and crib or bed frames can be the perfect spots to add a few decorative lights, such as
5mm 70 count LED light strings or even LED light spheres, to really brighten up and round out the warmth that a nursery should give off. Not only will adding lights to these spots make the space feel safe and comfortable for your little one, but they’ll also help to calm them and encourage them to sleep if you implement soft colors like blues, purples, or yellows.


highlight accents

Whether your goal is to help your kiddo get to sleep, find a way to move around your nursery without waking them up, or to simply complete a creative DIY project around the house, adding LED lights to your dream nursery is a great way to spruce up the space. Hopefully with these ideas and suggestions, even the most novice DIY-ers will have an easier time making your little ones’ nursery a cozy place for them to sleep and play. For our full range of products and more DIY LED project blogs, please visit our website.  

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