Pot O’ Gold DIY

Pot of Gold DIY

They say that at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold.  Legend has it that fairies of great wealth would bury their treasures or pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  These great riches were guarded by none other than a lucky leprechaun. Manage to capture one of these mischievous little creatures, he will grant you three wishes.  If you let him go of course.  This St. Patrick’s Day light up your home with your very own pot of gold.  You might even capture your very own leprechaun.

Materials needed:

·         Your very own green pot – found mine on Amazon

·         Styrofoam™ White Half Ball, 2.8″ x 5.7″

·         Green Spray paint

·         a set of Gold LED string lights from www.LEDHolidaylighting.com

Step 1

Your first item of business is to spray the white Styrofoam™ half ball green.  Unless you managed to score one that was already green.  Look in in the Floral department of your local craft store you might just find a green one.  Let the Styrofoam™ dry while you prepare the pot.

Step 1
Step 2

You will need to cut out an opening into the side of the green pot for the end of the lights.  Make sure the opening is low enough so the cord is hidden from view, but not too low that your pot of gold will not sit flat.  The plastic is much thicker at the bottom of the pot. I was unsuccessful trying to cut it with scissors.  You could try a utility knife, but I really did not want to end up in the emergency room.  For best results, heat of a sharp metal object like a screwdriver or skewer. Use the heated metal to “saw” an opening for the cord.

Step 3

Now that the Styrofoam™ White Half Ball is dry, it is time to wrap the gold LED string lights around the green Styrofoam™ piece.  When wrapping the lights, make sure you are strategic in your placement of the lights. You will end up hiding some of the lights under the Styrofoam™. Just try not to hide too many. 

Here are www.LEDHolidaylighting.com we have a few options for Gold LED string lights that you can choose from.

For this project I used our Premium Grade Gold 5mm LED String Lights – 50 Light Count.  If you want to add a bit of animation to your display, choose our premium gold Twinkle or Glisten lights.  Want a fuller pot of gold?  Go with our Gold G12 Premium Grade LED string lights.  A pot of gold this full will surly be guarded by a lucky leprechaun.

5MM LED Lights - Gold

Premium Grade Gold 5mm LED String Lights – 50 Light Count

Shop Standard 5MM Shop Twinkle 5MM Shop Glisten 5MM
G12 LED Lights - Gold

Premium Grade Gold G12 LED String Lights – 70 Light Count

Shop G12 LED Lights
Step 4

It’s time to assemble the pot of gold.  I filled the bottom of the pot with extra plastic grocery bags.  You will need to fill the inside of the pot with something light, so the lights can sit right at the top of the pot.  You can choose to use crumpled up newspaper or extra rags. Run the plug through the opening you created at the bottom and place the light wrapped Styrofoam™ inside the top of the pot.  Plug it in, and you have your very own LED lighted pot of gold.  Add in some green and gold decorations to create a festive St. Patrick’s Day scene for your home. 

Step 4
Final Product

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