Seasonal Holiday Lighting

LED Lighting is the Ultimate Year-round Decoration

You may be thinking that decorating your home and outdoor space with lights is something that you save for that one very special holiday season. At LED Holiday Lighting, we like to think that making your living space look beautiful and bright should be a year-round occasion.

The Christmas season is just one occasion to bring out your decorative lights, but let’s not forget the other members of the “Big 5” – Thanksgiving, New Years, Valentine’s Day and even St. Patrick’s Day can all give you the chance to show off your stockpile of shiny lights!

What’s the one thing that could possibly make mountains of turkey and gravy, football, and family even better this coming Thanksgiving? That’s right, some gorgeous LED decorations to stare at as you slip away into your food coma. Red, white, and blue mini LED strings can help add that perfect touch to one of the most American holidays of the year. Or you can even hang orange, white, and black strings to go along with the decorations and foliage that are already up and around your house.

Now of course Christmas is one of the best opportunities to put your lights up and show the world all of those beautiful LED colors, but there are even more little details that LEDs can provide than just their standard glow. The glistening and tinkling style of LED strings can give a more natural look to your decorations as the lights will fade in and out to give a shimmer to your home and space, with the added bonus of saving a few bucks on your energy bill as all of your lights won’t be actively on all the time. If you’re looking for an even more subtle way to illuminate your living area, we also offer an extensive selection of artificial greenery with our premium LEDs already intertwined. These are a great way to add some more greenery with just a hint of that patented LED glow that is sure to add a little warmth to any area of your home.

New Years is one of the most underrated times of the year to utilize your lights to their fullest since everyone, presumably, is going to be up way past their bed time so your lights will shine their brightest as the ball drops and the night shines on. Black and white indoor to outdoor LEDs are perfect for this time of year because once the holiday season is over you can transition your lights indoors if you want to keep using them. When you want to bring them back out again, you can arrange your strings into shapes like hearts and arrows for Valentine’s Day! Picking up some red stringers to compliment your white lights will be perfect for not just Valentine’s day, but many other occasions throughout the year like President’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veteran’s Day, just to name a few.

Now if you are thinking that it is too late to pick up any lights or decorations for this upcoming holiday season, think again. There has never been a better time to look for holiday lighting. For our full selection of products and options please visit us at LED Holiday Lighting

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