Super Spooky Halloween Tips

Looking for a Hair-raising Halloween Experience?

Halloween Lighting

We already know what you have in mind this Halloween when it comes to your LED lighting design.

It’s probably something like this:

It’s late October and trick-or-treaters are out in full force. There’s something in the air – it’s the faint smell of king-size candy bars and the wafting sounds of shrieking kids. As soon as they’re on your block, they know where to go. Your house screams “Halloween” and it’s not because of the fake cobwebs and blowup tombstones. It’s the LED Halloween lights, my friend.

They approach your driveway – slowly at first. Your house is the only one on the block that seems to be both growling and glowing bright orange. Thanks to LED Holiday Lighting you can create a spook-inducing, scream-evoking scene that will be eye candy for every goody-grabbing goblin that comes your way. While Halloween LED lights are a key to standing out like 10-foot Frankenstein this Halloween, think outside the Big Box when shopping for quality, UL-approved, waterproof indoor/outdoor LED lights.

Here are three tips to ensure your Halloween is a hair-raising experience —

Select the Right Bright halloween lights 

From our exclusive black wire Halloween 5mm stringsicicle sets, and Cascading Tube lights to our G12 Raspberry Round LED lights to eerily hung Orb Lights, all available in red, orange, purple and green, the quintessential creepy display can be created. If you’re going to Spook it up right, you’ve gotta stock up for the big night. Sure you can brighten the night with a few strands here and there, but we figure 200-300 feet of lights are likely necessary to line a medium path or driveway from street to door. We recommend orange and purple. Always priced affordably, we highly recommend picking up 15-20 strings of LED Halloween Icicle Lights (and taking advantage of the quantity discounts) to spook up a standard house, and 20-25 for a larger property.

5mm LED Halloween Icicle Lights - Purple/Orange 5mm LED Halloween Lights - Lime Frost G12 LED Lights - Orange 7.5 Inch LED Light Sphere - Purple

Pick (or make) the Right Costume

If you’re not going to mummify yourself by putting on a full wrap of LED lights, consider picking up (or making) one of 2018’s most trendy Halloween costumes. Ideas include:

Even without the recent reboot, Ghostbusters costumes (complete with proton pack and this sweet LED ghost trap) has been a popular Halloween option for decades.

Iron Chef. Foodies and chemistry-lovers alike will have a laugh over this witty, DIY Iron Chef costume.

Wonder Woman is always an option for all ages of women and girls. As is Super Man for men and boys. Somehow these superpowers gained by wearing a Superman hoodie always seemed to give my dad the ability to go just one more house.

Stick Figure. For the creatives out there, if you thought that only domiciles can be spiced up with LED lights, be ready to be pleasantly surprised! Yes, LED Holiday Lighting has battery operated LED Microdot lights so you can take your light show on the road with a number of funky colors that will light up your life this coming Halloween!


Don’t Forget to “Bring the Noise”

Do you have an Amazon Alexa? Search “Halloween Sounds” and you’ll scare the pants off of those costumed visitors. Or Just say “Alexa, start Spooky Halloween Sounds” to get started. Otherwise, we hear The Monster Mash CD you’ve had since 1996 is still a “Graveyard Smash”.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be spotted on Halloween like a Sasquatch at midnight. Good luck. You’re going to need it …

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